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Reviews & Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management… You mean reviews, right?

Kind of.. When it comes to online reputation management, reviews are a large piece, but there’s so much more than just getting a review here and there.. Hell, getting reviews is a tall task in its own. Quite simply, a review can be the reason a user decides to (or does not to) do business with your organization.

We Help Get, Respond To, Fix, and Manage your Online Reputation.

More than 92% of online shoppers will view at least one review when deciding whether or not to do business with you; of which, more than half will formulate an opinion on whether or not your organization is a fit even before contacting you. 68% of those readers say positive reviews guide them to trust a local business and 44% say a review must be composed within 60 days to be relevant. Shall we go on?

The point is that Reviews are becoming more and more valuable to both consumers and after Google’s most recent update, search engines. No one wants to do business with an organization that has miserable reviews and search engines don’t want to serve up organizations that fall in this category.

At evolve, we understand this. Our team of marketers are experts at generating reviews and getting them in front of your target audience. But, it goes must further. We have developed a winning strategy around developing, managing and optimizing your online reputation to generate new customers.


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